60 Amp High-Output Lucas-Style Alternator, New - MG Midget 1500, Triumph Spitfire 1500, Triumph TR6


Here is a great upgrade for the underperforming original alternators found on our cars that cannot cope with the additions of modern electrical conveniences.  This alternator has a peak output rating of 60 amps, which is 40% more output than the 18ACR Lucas alternator which was rated for 43 amps of peak output.  But more important than peak output is that output at lower RPMs is also greatly increased, allowing the car to idle or operate at low RPMs and still handle full electrical loads without draining the battery.
Suitable for MG Midget 1500s, Triumph Spitfire 1500s, and all Triumph TR250 and TR6 (except 1975-1976 North American emissions TR6 with airpumps)
The body style and size as well as the mounting is a direct replacement for the original Lucas alternators found on these cars.  The electrical connection is made with the Lucas style three terminal plug, with two big terminals and one small terminal (big-big-small).  Supplied with 3/8" belt pulley.  For cars using 1/2" belt pulley, you will need to swap your old alternator pulley onto the new alternator.
As alternator output is increased, the wire gauge to the battery MUST be increased as well to safely handle the extra current.  Other vendors incorrectly advise that the factory wiring harness is capable of handling the extra current, this is false and and unsafe recommendation.  Whenever alternator output is increased, the output wire to the battery must also be increased in wire gauge to safely handle the additional current.

Price: $99.95

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