Aluminum Sump - Triumph TR250 TR6


These are a wonderfully vintage looking, yet purposeful addition to any TR250 or TR6 engine. These sumps are finned aluminum, and the casting is fairly heavy in cross section, increasing the rigidity of the long and flexible inline-6 block. Engines that see extreme RPM or have large cylinder overbores (77mm and larger) are advised to fit this sump to increase the strength of the assembled engine. In addition to the strength improvement, the sumps hold over 1.5 quarts of additional oil and feature a removable oil baffle panel.

The extra oil volume and the cooling fins provide a reduction in oil temperature. We do not advise customers run open circuit oil coolers with this oil pan. If you do wish to run an oil cooler, you are strongly advised to use an inline oil cooler thermostat, preferably the one that opens at 200degF, not the one that one that opens at 180degF. The correct oil temperature is critical to the longevity of your engine, and running oil that is too cool is one of the worst things you can do. Proper operating temperature for engine oil is 210-215degF.

The sump requires longer securing bolts to accommodate the extra flange thickness of the casting. We offer an excellent hardware kit, complete with high strength corrosion resistant ArmorCoat bolts and stainless steel lock washers.

Note: Due to the thickness of the castings, the sump sidewall nearest the oil pump may need to have material removed for additional clearance so as to not foul against the oil pump body. We can test fit and grind the necessary clearance into the sump prior to shipping to you at additional cost.

Price: $549.95

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