Carrillo Connecting Rod - Triumph Spitfire Late 1300 & 1500, GT6, TR250, TR6; MG Midget 1500


Jan 2017:  Carrillo rods are no longer stocked, but are available to special order.  We suggest our superior WBC 300M connecting rod, which is available from regular stock.

The gold standard Carrillo connecting rod, the rod against which all other aftermarket performance rods are measured. We sell Carrillo rods primarily because they suit the small bore of the Triumph Spitfire motor better than our own steel H-Beam rods, which we prefer for the GT6, TR250 and TR6. The easier fit is due to the fact that Carrillo manufactures their own 1/4" big end bolt, while we have to utilize a 5/16" bolt as it is the smallest bolt we have access to from ARP. The smaller CARR bolt allows the big end to be smaller and thus fit down bores of less than 2.97". Priced individually, only sold in full engine sets of 4 or 6.  Please make sure to order the appropriate quantity.

Price: $315.00

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