Clutch Kit, LUK (190 lb ft) - Triumph TR250 & TR6


The highest quality stock replacement clutch package available for your Triumph TR250 and TR6. Produced by LuK of Germany, this is the only stock clutch to feature hardened fingers to greatly reduce wear from throw out bearing contact.

We feel that this LuK clutch package is the only clutch you should install in your TR6, which is why we do not offer any lower priced alternatives. You wouldn't want to perform a 7 hour clutch swap a second time because you opted for a lower priced clutch that proved problematic. We use this LuK clutch in our own TR6s and customers don't encounter any of the typical TR6 clutch problems when using this LuK clutch.

This clutch package is rated to 190ftlbs of engine torque, see our uprated clutches if you require a stronger clutch.

Clutch kit includes:

  • LuK Pressure Plate
  • LuK Friction Disc
  • Throw Out Bearing
  • Bronze Pilot Bushing
  • Clutch Alignment Tool
  • Moly Grease (for use on input shaft splines)
Price: $199.95

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