Clutch Kit, Stage III (335 lb ft) - Triumph TR250 & TR6


Our highest capacity 8.5" street clutch package for the Triumph TR250 and TR6.  This clutch is rated to hold in excess of 335 lb ft of torque.  With a 10% safety margin this clutch is suitable for engines producing upto 301ft lbs of torque.
Developed by us in 2005 for a customer's ultimate supercharged TR6.  At the time this car had a projected output of 290hp and 300ft lbs of torque.  To date there are no reported issues with the use or durability of this clutch.  It isn't meant to be driven in city traffic - but it can be (it just won't be fun). 
The clutch cover is reworked with the primary change to the spring plate shape which is altered to increase the clamp load by about 15% (a corresponding 15% increase in pedal force is also  felt by the driver).   As with our other uprated clutches a custom disc is produced which can withstand more abuse as well as having a friction material with a higher coefficient of friction.  Copper pads under the friction material help pull excess heat out of the material and keep the clutch disc material cool.  On this particular disc the friction material area is reduced in order to increase clamping PSI on the disc. 
Available with Triumph or Toyota splines.  Toyota splines pictured.
While not pictured, the clutch package includes a throwout bearing, pilot bush, and an alignment tool.

Price: $474.95

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