Fan Extension Eliminator Kit - Triumph TR250 TR6


This is a correctly designed fan extension eliminator kit for cars that have been converted from the standard mechanical cooling fan to an electric cooling fan.  The hardware in our kit is correctly specified for the application.
We have encountered problems with other fan eliminator kits that result in the bolt coming loose, which is followed by damage to the crankshaft damper keyway.  Over the past years we have had to machine new keyways in many dampers that were sent to us for rebuilding due to other fan eliminator kits that haven't been installed correctly or are supplied with incorrect hardware.  One manufacturer of fan eliminators proudly touts their superior Grade 8 hardware package, yet they do not understand the relationship between the increased strength of that Grade 8 bolt and the correct torque load to sufficiently pre-load the bolt for the application (and thus their superior Grade 8 bolt comes loose in use).

Price: $44.95

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