Flywheel, Aluminum - TR6


Lightweight aluminum flywheel for Triumph TR6s, 1970-1976 (short back cranks).  This flywheel weighs under 10lbs and offers much improved engine response.  Aluminum flywheels include our own ARP flywheel bolt kit at no additional charge.
The stock flywheel weighs in at 28 pounds versus 10 pounds for this high quality aluminum piece. We recommend customers purchase our exclusive 9-piece hardware kit for securing the flywheel to the crankshaft.
Common questions regarding installing an aluminum flywheel on a TR6:

  • Will my idle suffer? No, the TR6 bottom end is so immensely overweight that swapping flywheels only represents a change in rotating weigh of about 10%. There is still plenty of mass in the damper, crank, and clutch to provide a quality idle.
  • Will I need more off the line revs? No, the Triumph TR6 engine has lots of low end torque to compensate for the installation of a light flywheel. You'll be able to drive your TR6 just like it still had the cast iron flywheel in terms of off the line revs.
  • What are the benefits? Primarily improved acceleration, which is even more pronounced in the lower gears with a light flywheel. In terms of bang for the buck, installing an aluminum flywheel on your TR6 is one of the best performance upgrades you can make - the difference in acceleration is instantly noticeable.
  • Are aluminum flywheels durable? Yes! The friction surface of the flywheel is steel, and is replaceable should it ever need to be serviced. Additionally, if you use the correct hardware and the correct torque you'll have no problems with the crankshaft to flywheel interface. This is why we included our exclusive 8-piece ARP hardware kit to secure the aluminum flywheel to the crankshaft.
Price: $359.95

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