Flywheel, OE CNC Lightened by WBC - Triumph TR6


NOTE Sept 18th 2017: Out of stock, once we collect a few more core flywheels to do a full production run it will be 4-6 weeks before our lightened flywheels will be back in stock.

This is an original 1970-1976 TR6 cast iron flywheel that we lighten via our own lightening program run on the CNC mill.  All flywheels have been shot blast cleaned and  inspected for defects in the cast iron prior to CNC machining.  After we've carved off the fat, we re-surface the friction face of these flywheels to provide an as-new surface for your clutch disc.  Flywheels are lightened by about 8lbs.


Our method of lightening these flywheels is much safer and more effective than other methods that thin out the center backside of the flywheel to an extreme degree.  That older method, done on manual lathes, results in failure prone flywheel structure which still has significant mass along the outside diameter of the flywheel.  Our unique scallops on the front face of the flywheel do not impair the strength of the flywheel and offer a major reduction in the flywheel's moment of inertia.  We still take some material off of the backside, but the front scallops, reduce the amount we have to remove from the backside - leaving material in place that increases the integrity of the flywheel over old-school methods of lightening.

Video of CNC lightening machining:

Price: $279.95

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