Rebuilt TR250 & TR6 Transmission w/ J-Type OD

WBC Rebuilt & Uprated Triumph TR6 Gearbox w/ J-Type OD

All of our TR250 and TR6 gearbox rebuilds feature uprated layshafts made from 9310 steel that has been case hardened and finish ground.  We also import the correct original sized synchronizers from the UK rather than use the thinner, more commonly available, Taiwanese sourced synchronizers available from other US suppliers.  Each gearbox is dynamically tested prior to shipment to the customer.  Wide range of options available to suit many uses.
Base pricing is for a standard rebuild of your unit, additional charges will be incurred for any major components that are no longer reusable (broken gears, damaged cases, etc.)
Super-Finishing of gearbox gears and shafts is a method of improving the surface finish of the component without altering the component's geometry.   This process is particularly effective on gears and results in less noise, less friction and less wear on street driven vehicles.  For racing purposes lower friction levels mean lower gear oil temperatures and less drivetrain power loss (more power to the wheels).
Triumph TR250s and TR6s have barely adequate thrust washers on each end of the gearbox layshaft cluster.  With proper maintenance and gentle use, these thrust washers can survive fine.  However when engines are uprated (especially with torque figures in excess of 165ft lbs) and the car is driven in a "spirited" manner, the standard plain thrust washers suffer tremendous wear.  Roller thrust washers are the cure, they can handle many times the dynamic load and do it with less resistance (lower operating friction).   
Most rebuilt parts are built to order due to the various options that they can be configured with.  Contact us prior to ordering to find out current time frames for rebuilt parts.

Price: $2,595.00

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