WBC BigBore Head Gaskets - Triumph GT6, TR250, TR6


We manufacture two head gaskets that easily accommodate major over-bores on the Triumph inline-6 engine block.  Both gaskets are manufactured from a very stout compressed fiber over metal core gasket material used exclusively on high performance head gaskets.  The fire rings are stainless steel and the oil passages are ringed with copper crush washers just as the regular head gaskets are.
The early style gasket, for flat deck blocks, will work with cylinder bores upto 3.07" / 78mm, for a displacement potential of 2722cc (with a 3.74" stroke).
The later style gasket, for recessed bore blocks, will work with cylinder bores upto 3.03" / 77mm (76.8mm recommended to allow for various tolerances), for a displacement potential of 2652cc (with a 3.74" stroke).  The stepped fire-ring construction on the later gasket is more complex, and therefore the later style gasket is more expensive.
Contact us if you want exceptionally high quality forged pistons in either 77mm or 78mm to match the bore sizes that these gaskets will allow. 
Wholesale pricing on BigBore gaskets available for quantities of 5 or more.

Price: $129.95

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