WBC Heavy Duty Main Cap Set - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


CAD designed and CNC machined in-house these heavy duty main caps are the crowning touch required for a high performance or race use bottom end for your Triumph inline-6 engine.

We have selected a high strength material that is over 3 times stronger than the original material, while maintaining the ductility, dampening properties and thermal expansion requirements that are required for this application.  Additionally, we have designed the cap to have much thicker cross sections where needed, to insure that our cap is a significantly better part than Triumph ever produced.  Our heavy duty cap is also a much more secure and tight fit into the block than many of the original caps, which now lack the required interference press fit due to relaxation (and sloppy original tolerances!).

Line boring of the block, once fitted with new caps, is required.

Price: $499.95

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