WBC Steel H-Beam Connecting Rod


Note: Due to some un-informed commentary that we read on an enthusiast forum, we thought that we would unequivocally state that these rods are unique to us and are not sourced from China (or anywhere in Asia).  Our rods have superior material specification, superior heat treatment, superior machining and finishing, and superior big end bolts to any Chinese sourced rod we've inspected (and this includes the MaxSpeeding rods).  Our rod is a better beam design than even Carrillo and is superior to the Carrillo rod in terms of the peak RPM the rod can sustain.
Our own H-Beam connecting rods to replace the original Triumph GT6, TR250 and TR6 connecting rod.  Produced from ultra-pure double vacuum remelted aircraft grade 4340AQ steel, heat treated, cryo treated and shot peened.  These are the absolute finest connecting rods you can purchase.  They come standard with 5/16" diameter ARP brand bolts (Carillo uses a 1/4" diameter bolt), rod bolts are available in two tensile strengths providing cost savings for customers who have lower RPM requirements. 

  • Radial H-Beam, stronger and lighter than conventional straight H-Beam
  • Less overall mass and greater torsional rigidity than X beam rods
  • Interior pocket wrist pin oil holes which do not compromise small end strength, like rods that have the wrist pin lubrication hole at the exterior top of the rod
  • Balanced across the set to +/- 1 gram
  • 482g overall mass (+2g if upgrading to ARP CA625+ bolts)

We strongly recommend using a rod bolt stretch gauge when installing your rods to determine the correct pre-load on the rod bolts (utilzing a torque wrench is much less accurate). 
Priced individually, but sold only in full engine sets, make sure to buy the appropriate quantity (either 4 or 6)!

Price: $249.95

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