123 TUNE Programmable 6 Cylinder Distributor, USB Connection - GT6, TR250, TR6


If you don't have the budget for our Triumph six cylinder crank triggered distributorless ignition, then these programmable 123 TUNE distributors are the next best thing.  They offer extreme flexibility and control over the shape of the advance curves allowing the user to develop an optimal curve for that particular motor.  Tuning of the ignition curve is performed via a laptop PC (Windows XP or newer) and a USB cable that mates to the side port of the 123 TUNE.
Software Download: 123TUNE software version 1.8.4 for Windows
Cars with mechanical (cable driven) tachometers need to be converted to electronic pick-up in order to work with 123TUNE distributor units as they have no tachometer cable drive provision.

Price: $489.95

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