Water Pump Housing, Aluminum - Triumph GT6, TR250 & TR6


March 2017The low quality pump housings produced by Limora/SCP are now being sold by another company in the USA.  After ordering a few examples, 50% of ther received units still had significant defects.  Porosity in the casting (allowing leaks), lacking fully formed female threads for fasteners, improperly machined gasket surfaces, etc.  We will continue to not offer this product due to low quality; these current aluminum water pump housings are some of the worst parts available for British cars.

Oct 2016: Out of stock, will not be re-stocked until quality improves from the manufacturer.  See notes below for details.

Sept 2016:  Once current inventory (leak free & properly finished) has been sold, this product will be discontinued.

The quality from all suppliers that manufacture this product has become substantially worse over the past few years.  Bastuck manufactured units have a greater than 50% leakage rate (batch received August 2016). Limora/SCP units have an even higher rate of failure in terms of leakage, but also other defects relating to poorly formed threads and incomplete and unfinished gasket surfaces.  We had to reject a shipment of 25 Limora/SCP pump housings in 2015 because every single unit had defects, the porosity on that batch of Limora/SCP pumps was so severe that the sealing process we've used in the past was ineffective. 

Both Bastuck and Limora/SCP are aware of the issues on this product and other substandard products that they continue to sell.

We urge you not to buy products from vendors that knowingly sell low quality and defective products.

Put your Triumph engine on a diet with this cast aluminum water pump housing which cuts down on the weight of the original housing by over 60% (Cast iron @ 6lb 2oz, Aluminum @ 2lb 2oz)

The aluminum casting also provides greater thermal dissipation and it will not rust like your original cast iron pump housing.

Price: $199.95

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