WBC Triumph TR250 TR6 Forged Piston Sets

WBC Triumph TR250 TR6 Forged Piston with Rings, Wrist Pin & Retainers
Anti-Detonation & Accumulator Grooves, Drilled Oil Returns, Pressure Fed PinsForged Piston Interior (Clean, Near Net Forgings); WBC Steel Con Rods

All WBC forged pistons are produced exclusively for us to our own design specifications.  We offer two varieties of our basic forged piston, one for naturally aspirated engines and one for high output forced induction engines. 
The primary difference between the two is the crown thickness, the N/A unit having a crown 0.200” thick and the forced induction unit having a crown 0.240” thick.  All forged pistons have the following features:

  • Superior near-net shape, tight grain aluminum forgings
  • Piston-to-Bore clearances similar to that of regular cast aluminum pistons
  • Premium piston rings, 0.812” diameter wrist pins and wire lock pin retainers included.
  • Fully balanced out of the box.  Balance across set is better than +/- 1g.
  • Ultra flat, highly finished piston ring grooves
  • Exceptional manufacturing tolerances for all diameters and compression height
  • Radial Anti-Detonation Grooves (above 1st ring)
  • Pressure Accumulator Groove (between 1st & 2nd ring)
  • Pressure fed oiling of the wrist pin
  • All forged pistons available with the latest in anti-friction & ceramic heat barrier coatings.
  • Two choices of wrist pins, the standard item weighs 95g and the premium pin weighs 83g

Choosing your piston:

0.200" Crown

You should choose this piston if your engine is naturally aspirated or you don’t plan to run a high boost forced induction setup (10psi max).  13 grams less piston mass than 0.240” crown.

0.240" Crown

You should choose this piston if you’re running a high boost forced induction setup (up to 18psi).  This is also the piston to choose if you’re concerned about any detonation occurring, as the thicker crown will prove more durable.


Price: $1,095.00

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