WBC518v2 Street Performance Camshaft - Triumph Spitfire 1300 1500, MG Midget 1500


We have had remarkable success with our WBC518v2 profile on Triumph GT6/TR6 engines.  In early 2013 we adapted the profile and performed trials on Triumph Spitfire engines and we have had had similar good success and customers have been thrilled by the large amounts of torque and the overall power band spread on their Triumph Spitfires.  Available for small and large journal camshafts.

This is the street performance camshaft that will put a smile on your face - it does everything you want it to do, and your wife won't consider it obnoxious!

Development of the the WBC518v2 camshaft started in September 2012 and ran through until the first production batch was ground in January 2013.  Four months of development has seen a marked increase in bottom end torque and a wider power band than the original WBC518, while still retaining the good idle and emissions qualities of the original WBC518.

The key to the success of the WBC518v2 camshaft was developing it as a dual pattern cam.  Where all of our previous cams, and all of our competition's cams, are single pattern cams - a dual pattern cam has a uniquely developed intake lobe and a uniquely developed exhaust lobe.  A single pattern cams utilize the the same lobe profile for both the intake and exhaust.  Considering that the cylinder head port dimensions, valve sizes and the port functions are completely different between the intake and exhaust, it doesn't take much to realize there is an advantage in using a dual pattern camshaft that was designed to take advantage of each ports individual features and operating characteristics.

 As with all of our cams, each one is produced from new chilled iron blanks and ground on Landis CNC camshaft grinders (no manual grinding).  We follow-up the grinding with superfinishing of the lobes to produce an exceptional surface that operates with reduced friction and increased life. This camshaft profile can be used with the stock rocker ratio (1.45:1) upto 1.55:1 ratios.  Uprated valve springs are a must, our Performance A (Green stripe) springs are recommended.

WBC518v2   Seat Duration Lobe Lift

Gross Valve Lift
1.45:1 Rockers

Gross Valve Lift
1.55:1 Rockers
Intake   272° 0.300" 0.435" 0.465"
Exhaust   272° 0.285" 0.413" 0.442"
Price: $449.95

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