WBC559v2 Camshaft - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


The WBC559v2 camshaft is a state of the art dual pattern camshaft that is new for 2014 from Wishbone Classics.  The v2 dual pattern version now supercedes our original single pattern WBC559

This cam was developed specifically for 2.0L vintage race engines, and 2.5L engines used for autocross or hillclimb use.  It is also marginally acceptable for ultra fast road use in the larger inline-6s (2.5L+).  Max recommended RPM is 7500RPM when using valve springs that match our specification and a properly uprated valvetrain (HD tappets, tubular pushrods, roller rockers, etc).  To obtain the performance this cam was designed for you need to use 1.65:1 ratio rockers at the minimum (our exclusive 1.8:1 ultra high ratio is prefered for optimal performance as designed).

We will only sell our 1.8:1 rocker sets with this cam and some of our other cams (race profiles not published) as our cam profiles are designed to work with this high ratio!  If you wish to purchase a set of the 1.8:1 rockers, it must be done at the same time you purchase an appropriate matching cam from us.

As with our other camshafts, the WBC559v2 is CNC ground on new chilled iron blanks directly from design data that is specified out to 1/100,000,000 of an inch.  After grinding the camshafts are inspected to insure they meet the profile design and then the lobe surface is further refined with a multi-stage superfinishing process.

As of February 2014, WBC559ERv2 variants are in stock for immediate shipment, this particular variant is primarily suitable for 2.0L engines that are used for vintage race purposes.  Other valve timing variants will be available from stock in the future, or can be ground to order if one is needed quickly.

WBC559v2 Seat Duration Duration @ 0.050"
Tappet Lift
Lobe Lift Gross Valve Lift
1.65:1 Ratio Rockers
Gross Valve Lift
  1.8:1 Ultra High Ratio Rockers
Intake 284 236 0.308" 0.508" 0.554"
Exhaust 280 218 0.257" 0.424" 0.462"
Price: $499.95

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